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Are you brave enough?

Climb up to the jumping platform where you leap out to catch the trapeze or the punching bag. If you don´t get it you will dive into space and get back to the ground (safed with the climbing belt).

Toddler and baby area

The adventure starts here!

Separate area for kids from 0-3 years. Space for building, sliding, balancing, hiding, exploring and more!



Did you ever climb a planet?

Up to 3 persons can climb this extraordinary climbing attraction simultaneously. The overhang is an ultimate challenge!


Enjoy the freefall from a height of 9m!

Holding on to a handlebar your are pulled up the face of the slide. If you let it go at the
top you can enjoy a 3 m freefall before sliding seamlessly down the slide. Very daring!


Mission impossible? Be an Action-hero!

Do you dare to pass the laser obstacles without touching? Move gently like a cat while being the fastet! 


Stay well balanced and jump into the Deep.

Sky is close enough to touch – but first you´ve got to reach the top – without help of hands.
From the top you can enjoy the 6m freeefall!


Make your party to an unforgetable adventure for any age! If you´d like to have something different than a normal cake you also can make your choice between Donut-Party and Icecream-Party!


Cold and warm snacks and meals, coffee & cakes.